Hello! I am a (first year) doctoral student in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia where I work under the supervision of Holger Hoos and Kevin Leyton-Brown on machine learning techniques to speed up solvers of hard computational problems. Previously, I completed a master in mathematics at McGill university in 2012 under the supervision of Bruce Shepherd, with a thesis about a special case of the robust network design problem. Before that, I did a bachelors in mathematics & computer science at McGill university in 2011.

My research interests are rather broad. I enjoy discrete mathematics, (combinatorial) optimization and algorithm design as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence related problems. I am also a resourceful programmer when duty calls.

Email address: afrechet at cs dot ubc dot ca .

For more details, here is my CV.

Active Projects

Zilla: Portfolio-based algorithm selection.

I am actively working on the next instalment of Zilla, the portfolio-based algorithm selector behind the very successful SATzilla. Not only are we aiming at reproducing the same level of performance, but the new code base is much more modular, accessible and adaptable to other problem domains.

Algorithms for the next round of FCC auctions.

I am consulting with Kevin Leyton-Brown for Auctionomics on algorithms at the core of the next huge-scale reallocation of US radio spectrum from TV to mobile by the Federal Communications Commission.




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