Hello! I am a (third year) doctoral student in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia where I work under the supervision of Kevin Leyton-Brown on computational issues in auction design. Previously, I completed a master in mathematics at McGill university in 2012 under the supervision of Bruce Shepherd, with a thesis about a special case of the robust network design problem. Before that, I did a bachelors in mathematics & computer science at McGill university in 2011.

My research interests are rather broad. I enjoy addressing various computational problems, be it through the use of discrete mathematics and optimization, or more empirically using machine learning techniques. I am also developing a taste for microeconomics, more specifically game theory and mechanism design and their interaction with theoretical computer science and application to auctions. Finally, I can be a resourceful programmer when duty calls.


Some of my active projects.

Station Repacking in the FCC Incentive Auction

We design algorithms to reassign stations to a reduced number of broadcasting channels without causing interference. Our main solver SATFC is used by the FCC for the development and execution of their upcoming reverse spectrum auction.

Webpage Code

Containment Cache

We designed and implemented fast data structures on sets that provide subset/superset queries.


The Reverse Auction in the FCC Incentive Auction

We study new mechanisms for the reverse spectrum auction currently developed by the FCC.

The Shapley Value for Measuring Contributions in Algorithm Portfolios

We are investigating the power of the Shapley value as a better measure of the contributions of individual components to algorithm portfolios.


Selected publications, working papers and presentations.

  • Solving the Station Repacking Problem
    A. Fréchette, N. Newman, K. Leyton-Brown.
    International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2015.
    To appear.
  • Shortest Path Routing versus Multi-Hub Routing in Networks with Uncertain Demand (journal)
    A. Fréchette, F.B. Shepherd, M.K. Thottan, P.J. Winzer.
    Transactions on Networking (IEEE/ACM TON), 2015.
  • Shortest Path Routing versus Multi-Hub Routing in Networks with Uncertain Demand
    A. Fréchette, F.B. Shepherd, M.K. Thottan, P.J. Winzer.
    International Conference on Computer Communication (IEEE INFOCOM), 2013.
    Publication Paper
  • Hub Routing for the Robust Network Design Problem
    A. Fréchette.
    Master thesis, Deparment of Mathematics, McGill University, 2012.


I love LaTeX. And I like explaining things too. So during the later parts of my university education, I merged those two passions and (re)wrote my course notes for some of my classes into neat documents.


afrechet at cs dot ubc dot ca

ICICS Room X560
289-2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada