Keynote Address


Technology and Change -

Making Sense of It


Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa

Educational Technology Centre,

Malaspina University-College



A demonstration of what one college (Malaspina University-College) has done in the last three years with educational technologies such as video-conferencing, multimedia development and on-line instruction.  These examples will serve to demonstrate common issues facing all educational institutions such as: what are the effective uses of different technologies, what are the pedagogical implications, what do we gain by using the technologies and what do we lose, and how do we manage to provide the needed faculty and student support?



Short Bio

Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa is the Manager of the Educational Technology Centre at Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo. ETC provides support for faculty and students in the area of audio-visual, multimedia, instructional computing, and piloting alternative delivery projects involving various types of technology.