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Coordinator: Scott Helmer
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Unless otherwise noted, meetings will take place at 3:30 on Mondays in room 104


March 8, 2004
Presented by:
A. Hinneburg, D. Keim. "Optimal Grid-Clustering: Towards Breaking the Curse of Dimensionality in High-Dimensional Clustering" VLDB, 1999. pdf

March 1, 2004
Presented by:
"Improved Gauss Transform" pdf

February  9, 2004

Presented by:
Hendrik and Dustin
None, the talk will be an outline of their respective research.

February 2, 2004 

Presented by: Nando (White board 1,2,3,4)
Paper: S. Kumar and M. Hebert, "Discriminative Fields for Modeling Spatial Dependencies in Natural Images," in NIPS 2003.  ps

Background: S. Kumar and M. Hebert, "Discriminative Random Fields:  A Discriminative Framework for Contextual Interaction in Classification," in proc.  IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV),  October  2003. pdf

January 19, 2004

Presented by:
Eric Brochu
Paper: A. McCallum, K. Rohanimanesh, C. Sutton. "Dynamic Donditional Random Fields for Jointly Labeling Multiple Seqeuences." pdf

J. Lafferty, et al. "Conditional Random
Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data

January 12, 2004

Presented by
: Scott Helmer
Main Paper:  Michael Fink, Pietro Perona
. "Mutual Boosting for Contextual Inference," N.I.P.S. 2003. pdf, ps.gz
Background: Viola & Jones, "
Robust Real-time Object Detection."  and
R. Schapire, "Theoretical Views of Boosting and Applications"

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