4rd Annual Video Review of Computational Geometry

Presented at the Eleventh Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry June 5--7, 1995 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Available from SIGACT, Association for Computing Machinery, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036-5701 USA. Fax: 1-212-302-5826.

HIPAIR: Interactive Mechanism Analysis, Design Using Configuration Spaces, L. Joskowitz IBM, E. Sacks Purdue

3D Modeling Using the Delaunay Triangulation, Bernhard Geiger INRIA Sophia Antipolis

Convex Surface Decomposition, Bernard Chazelle, David P. Dobkin, Nadia Shouraboura, Ayellet Tal Princeton U

Incremental Collision Detection for Polygonal Models, M. K. Ponamgi, M. C. Lin, D. Manocha UNC Chapel Hill

The Visibility Complex Made Visibly Simple, Fredo Durand, Claude Puech iMAGIS-IMAG, Grenoble

An Animation of Euclid's Proposition 47: The Pythagorean Theorem, Steve Glassman, Greg Nelson DEC SRC

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