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vlipanel is a piece of software allowing one to modify the settings of video buffer that is attached to Lucille. It allows one to set up the input and output configurations of the buffer. I will only discuss the aspects of vlipanel pertinent to transferring video from one format to another using Lucille.

In order to run vlipanel you must have /usr/video/vli/bin/ in your path. If it isn't one can change to this directory and type ./vlipanel.

After executing vlipanel the control panel for the video buffer will appear. To set Lucille's video buffer up to pass video through it is necessary the click on the menu choice and choose one of the buffer modes. The one that is required to do the transfer is:

Press on this icon and Lucille is ready to do the transfer.

NOTE:vlipanel should be left running while the transfer is being made.

This file was last updated Sept 29, 1994 by Marcello Lioy