Team Members

Our team consists of:

  • teachers and children [BC, Ontario]
    • For several years, EGEMS has sustained a close relationship with a group of intermediate grade teachers. These teachers and the children in their class play important roles in the iterative development of prototype games by contributing to the design and evaluation at each phase of our game development.
  • researchers and students in computer science and education [UBC, Queen's]
    • EGEMS research also involves a large number of students and faculty members. Graduate students lead many of the major research studies and prototype development, while undergraduate co-op students support research activities by participating in game design, classroom observations, and software and hardware maintenance. Faculty members from education serve on our graduate student thesis committees, contribute to design and evaluation of prototypes, and guide us in qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • professional game developers, artists, writers [Electronic Arts, Creative Wonders]
    • Our industrial collaborators advise us on developing and publishing commercially successful educational games for home and school markets, and involve us in the design and evaluation of their educational products as well.

Faculty Members
EGEMS Emeritus & Friends
Associated Teachers
Graduate Students
Omar Odeh
Undergraduate Students
Gina Situ
Jason Sze
Karen Wong