EGEMS is no longer an active project but we hope you enjoy exploring the old EGEMS site! (The links on this page do work!)

Sorry, we are no longer able to mail out CDs of our games. Our games have not been updated since 2001 but if you wish to try out Phoenix Quest, please download our file and see the README.txt file for further instructions.

What is EGEMS

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EGEMS, Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science, is a interdisciplinary team doing research and development on...

  • children's interactions with computers
    • As certain studies of child-computer interaction suggest, many children actually personify computational objects and often consider computers as being "alive", able to "think", and having a personality. These findings provide an interesting new way of looking at human-computer interaction.
  • design and use of (educational) computer games.
    • This involves looking at educational content and motivational elements in order to come up with suitable representation of concepts and interfaces in designing educational games.
  • strategies and materials to integrate game-like computer activities with other forms of classroom learning
    • We consider different learning styles and classroom activities and incorporate elements such as graphics, sound effects, stories, characters, humor, rewards and navigation to make learning a more enjoyable experience.

Last updated on: September 21, 2002