X-DARES-U stands for the XML Data Warehouse with Semantic Enrichment project at UBC 

The driving vision behind this project is to try and automate integration 
of information and services as much as possible. In this venture, we 
take advantage of the recent Semantic Web initiative. 

To date, we have studied the problem of interoperability among XML data sources and have proposed a lightweight infrastructure for this purpose. It draws on the domain specific ontologies that are part of the Semantic Web initiative. A user or application can query the information base, regardless of its location or its schema, in terms of the ontology it is familiar with. X-DARES-U will do the necessary conversions and optimizations to derive the correct answer as efficiently as possible. Our approach does not require either source-to-source or source-to-global mappings. Instead, it is based on enriching local sources with semantic declarations so as to enable interoperability.

Our vision and goals are:

  • Leverage Semantic Web to provide interoperability between data sources 
    and services and enable resource discovery.
  • Enable (partly virtual) warehouse of XML data with support for semantic 
    views (SVs).
  • Use hierarchies for flexible, yet powerful data modeling and management.

See this Keynote for more details on X-DARES-U.