Software Demo

SOQCET is a prototype data warehousing and OLAP system demonstrating the techniques of building a quotient cube, maintaining a quotient cube against update and using quotient cube to answer various queries and support cube exploration.

The data in OLAP system is typically modeled as a multidimensional structure. For example, in a sales data warehouse, time of sales, product, sales region and promotion type are dimensions that identify and categorize the data. Sales amount and sales cost are numerical measures that people wish to analyze. Dimensions usually associate with hierarchies, which organize data according to levels. For instance, a Time dimension might have Day, Month, Quarter and Year for the levels of hierarchy.
A query generator helps user write various OLAP queries, e.g. point query, range query and iceberg query. SOQCET will find and list all results of those queries efficiently.
Roll-up/drill-down navigation and exploration of data cube are useful tools for user to analyze the data warehousing system. In SOQCET, one can start from a particular cell and roll-up or drill-down along with every level of each dimensions.

Data cube can be represented by a lattice with each node in the lattice corresponding to a cell. Quotient cube can also be represented by a quotient lattice with each node corresponding to a class. Roll-up/drill-down semantics are captured between classes.


Quotient cube defines a new operator called drill-into, which means a user can drill down into a specific class and investigate the internal structure of the class. The internal cells of a class form a lattice as well.