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A Focused Learning Environment for Eclipse


A user of Eclipse who wants to learn how to use features inside the IDE have several options, including help, tutorials, and cheat sheets. These approaches are all passive in that they do not help keep a learner focused on the learning task. A user must spend extra effort to stay focused and to filter out the resources related to a learning task at hand.

Our focused learning environment simplifies the UI to reduce overload and provides feedback to the user. It allows a user to step through an end-to-end scenario (i.e. an Eclipse cheat sheet) and focuses the user's learning environment by presenting just the information relevant to the particular step.

For more information, visit our main Focused Learning Environment page.


  • Izzet Safer
  • Gail Murphy

Recent Publications

Izzet Safer, Gail C. Murphy, Julie Waterhouse, Jin Li. A Focused Learning Environment for Eclipse. eTx Workshop at OOPLSA 2006.