package elide;

ELIDE: explicit programming for Java

import download.elide;

class Documentation
       /** ELIDE Javadoc */	

   String introduction;
   String tutorial;
What is ELIDE?
  • ELIDE is the Extension Language for Iterative Design Encoding
  • ELIDE is a framework for extending the Java language with design vocabulary specific to your application.
  • ELIDE is a preprocessor that transforms code written in your extended version of Java into standard Java source code, according to your specifications.
What can ELIDE be used for?
  • adding language features to Java (e.g., Design By Contract)
  • capturing high level design information in your source code (e.g., Design Patterns)
  • making frequently used tools more convenient (e.g., JUnit)
  • reducing many forms of boilerplate and redundant code (e.g., JavaBeans)
Who developed ELIDE?
    ELIDE is a research project at the Software Practices Lab of the University of British Columbia. It was developed by Avi Bryant and Andrew Catton, under the supervision of Kris De Volder and Gail Murphy.