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Modeling Aspects: An Implementation-Driven Approach

Wesley Coelho, Gail C. Murphy

Workshop on Best Practices for Model Driven Software Development at OOPSLA 2004.



Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) and Aspect- Oriented Programming (AOP) are two emerging software engineering paradigms that have developed independently. We believe that these approaches can be combined to produce better solutions to problems such as product line engineering. To integrate AOP with MDSD, techniques for modeling aspect-oriented constructs must be developed. As a first step, we consider the problem of modeling aspects in a static program structure. We believe that the limitations of passive notations inhibit the effectiveness of aspect modeling techniques that have been previously proposed. Therefore, we consider the use of interactive and dynamic software visualizations for aspect modeling. In this paper we describe an approach to modeling the influence of an aspect in an existing system.

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