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Supplier Index

Current as of May, 2004. Best to double-check all addresses and phone numbers before use.

  • Metals

    Metal Supermarkets (Richmond)
    The Convenience Stores of the Metal Industry
    rod and bar, aluminum, brass, steel, copper
    12060 Vulcan Way, Richmond,
    604 244 7626

  • Plastics, Adhesives, Safety Supplies

    Industrial Plastics
    120-5726 Minouru Blvd
    Richmond bc
    Good For:
    Very Very good supplier of plastic+ acrylic + some foams. They have sheets of different thicknesses + rods of different diameters. They also have a variety of glues and bonding materials. In addition, they have materials to build molds for rubber + silicone + plastics.

    Dunbar Lumber
    (604)224 0434
    3637 West 16th
    Good For:
    Power tools, safety equipment.

    Lee Valley
    1180 S.E. Marine Drive
    good For:
    Power tools, foredoom accessories (dremel), some prototyping materials, woodworking tools, blades, saws, hardware.

  • Foam for Shaping and Machining

    Norseman Allfoam (Richmond, BC)
    (604) 277-7710

    Surrey PlasticWorks Ltd. (Surrey, BC)
    (604) 501-9033

    Foam for Shaping
    Now, the details. The company I acquired the foam from (IDEO) orders a special density (7lb), not listed. This apparently has better properties for machining, hand working and painting than those listed.
    General Plastics knows it as 7107.
    I called them and a sheet of 6 x 48 x 48 inches would cost you $273.28 They have a minimum order of $250. Shipping that would cost approx $65
    IDEO orders it in 48 x 24 inch sheets - easier to handle. As you can see from the webpage you can get it in any thickness up to 12 inches. I suggest 6 inches because you can easily cut it down to thinner from there. Maybe get a 2 inch sheet too, as larger pieces can bow when machined thinner.
    The guy I spoke to was called Larry - very helpful.

  • Electronics

    eParts Electronics
    Phone (604) 710-5646
    Stocks locally, and takes a genuine interest in helping students as well as

    New England Wire Technologies
    130 North Main Street
    Lisbon, New Hampshire
    03585 USA
    p. +1 (603) 838-6625
    f. +1 (603) 838-6160
    Wide assortment of specialty cables (e.g., flexible, shielded cables)

    RP Electronics
    2060 Rosser Ave
    Burnaby, BC, Canada
    V5C 5Y1
    Good for:
    AC/DC adapters, A/V cables & connectors, Cooling fans, EPROM & flash programmers, Experimenter kits & modules, Networking accessories, Test equipment, Tools & Tool kits
    (online downloadable pdf catalog)

    Good for:
    Electronic components, Circuits and building materials and supplies

    All Electronics
    Good for:
    Buzzers, motors, electronic devices.
    Surplus cheap parts

    Measurement Computing
    Good for:
    Computer I/O boards + accessories

    Main Electronics
    4554 Main St.
    Good for:
    Motors, circuits, KNOBS, circuit elements, fans, building and testing materials.

    Active Electronics
    3695 E. 1st Ave
    (604) 654-1057
    Good for:
    Electronics supplies, circuits, prototype boxes.

    CBI Electronic
    982 Granville Vancouver
    (604) 685-1937
    Good for:
    electronics supplies

    Lee's Electronic Components Ltd
    4522 Main St.
    (604) 875-1993
    Good for:
    electronics supplies, buzzers.

    Radio Shack
    2865 W Broadway
    (604) 731-8322
    good for:
    Nothing really...but close by.

  • Mechatronics + building materials:
    (aka hobby shops)
    Apollo Hobbies
    8441 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, BC V5A1X3
    (604) 421-4182
    one of the best supplies for both building materials + radio control bits (rc/ servos)

    Imperial Hobbies
    5451 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X2C7
    (604) 273-4427
    (604) 273-8916 (fax)
    (877) 273-4427 (toll-free)

    Central Hobbies
    2845 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, BC V5M2E1
    (604) 431-0771

    Team 1 Hobbies
    42 Begbie St, New Westminster, BC V3M3L9
    (604) 518-3039

    Golden Horizon
    3779 Sexsmith Road 2132, Richmond, BC V6X3Z9
    (604) 207-2108
    Hours: 14:30-18:30 M-Sa
    good supply of linkages, rods, and other mechanical bits + vibration isolation FOAM (as seen on Mario's experiment)

    Jet Hobbies Ltd
    1175-8888 Odlin Cres, Richmond, BC V6X3Z8
    (604) 278-3855

    Magic Box Hobbies
    2105 W 37th, Vancouver, BC V6M3W4
    (604) 264-1746
    Hours: 10:00-18:00 M-R,Sa; 10:00-20:00 F; 11:00-17:00 Su
    (a lot of train and modelling stuff!)

  • Exotic Stuff

    Electro-Active Polymers Website
    Listing of vendors of artifical muscles. For example, I would think these
    could be used to form fabrics.