SMRT Reading Group

Wednesday 2:30PM, Room: x530

This is the web page of the reading group SMRT (SensoriMotor Reading and Thinking).
To remember the acronym, think of Homer Simpson singing, "I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T."

The topic for the SMRT reading group is currently "Physically Based Character Animation". Each week someone presents a paper/tutorial, followed by discussion. The focus will be on physically based character animations: How to derive animations for humans and other characters using techniques based on simulating muscles, tendons, skin, etc. There will likely be an even split between focussing on animation of the face, as well as general animation of muscles, tendons, and elastic tissues. Ideally we will focus on cutting edge (ex. SIGGRAPH 2015) papers but there will be room for relevant, older papers.

If you want to be informed about upcoming papers, please subscribe to the mailing list by sending a message to, with the body "subscribe smrt-l". Or just click here.

A schedule of upcoming papers can be found below under the heading Upcoming Papers. Under the heading Finished Papers is a log of earlier topics. If you want more information, or to be added to the schedule, please contact Debanga Raj Neog.

Upcoming Papers

Dec 2, 2015.
Exploring the Geometry of the Space of Shells
Heeren, B., Rumpf, M., Schröder, P., Wardetzky, M., & Wirth, B.,
In Computer Graphics Forum (Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 247-256),
[External Links: Paper]

Finished Papers

Nov 25, 2015.
Projective dynamics: fusing constraint projections for fast simulation
Bouaziz, S., Martin, S., Liu, T., Kavan, L., & Pauly, M.,
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 33(4), 154,
[External Links: Paper]
Nov 18, 2015.
Ch 4.8 Nonconvexity of the stored energy function
Book: Mathematical Elasticity: Vol 1: Three Dimensional Elasticity
Philippe G. Ciarlet
[External Links: Google book link]
Nov 11, 2015.
Meeting cancelled: Remembrance day
Nov 4, 2015.
A new sharp-crease bending element for folding and wrinkling surfaces and volumes
Saket Patkar, Ning Jin, and Ronald Fedkiw,
In Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, pp. 7-15. ACM, 2015.
[External Links: Paper]
Oct 28, 2015.
Fully automatic generation of anatomical face simulation models
Matthew Cong, Michael Bao, Kiran S. Bhat, and Ronald Fedkiw,
In Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, pp. 175-183. ACM, 2015.
[External Links: Paper Video]
Oct 21, 2015.
Semi-automated soft-tissue acquisition and modeling for surgical simulation
Zhan Gao, Theodore Kim, Doug L. James, and Jaydev P. Desai,
IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2009
[External Links: Paper]
Oct 14, 2015.
Multifarious Hierarchies of Mechanical Models for Artist Assigned Levels-of-Detail
Richard Malgat, Benjamin Gilles, David I.W. Levin, Matthieu Nesme, Francois Faure,
Symposium for Computer Animation 2015
[External Links: Paper Video]
Oct 7, 2015.
Stable Constrained Dynamics
Tournier, Maxime, Matthieu Nesme, Benjamin Gilles, and François Faure [External Link]
July 23, 2015.
Nonlinear Material Design Using Principal Stretches
Hongyi Xu, Funshing Sin, Yufeng Zhu, and Jernej Barbič [External Link]
July 9, 2015.
Dyna: A Model of Dynamic Human Shape in Motion
Pons-Moll, G., Romero, J., Mahmood, N. and Black, M.J. [External Link]
July 2, 2015.
Skin Microstructure Deformation with Displacement Map Convolution
Koki Nagano, Graham Fyffe, Oleg Alexander, Jernej Barbic, Hao Li, Abhijeet Ghosh, and Paul Debevec [External Link]
June 25, 2015.
Dynamic 3D Avatar Creation from Hand-held Video Input
Alexandru Eugen Ichim, Sofien Bouaziz, Mark Pauly [External Link]
Apr. 30, 2015.
Smoothed Quadratic Energies on Meshes
Martinez Esturo, J. and Rössl, C. and Theisel, H. [External Link]
Apr. 17, 2015.
Computations underlying the visuomotor transformation for smooth pursuit eye movements
T. Scott Murdison, Guillaume Leclercq, Philippe Lefévre, Gunnar Blohm [External Link]
Apr. 10, 2015.
Reverse engineering finger extensor apparatus morphology from measured coupled interphalangeal joint angle trajectories — a generic 2D kinematic model
J.N.A.L. Leijnse, C.W. Spoor [External Link]
Mar. 13, 2015.
Elastic Implicit Skinning: a Robust Iso-Surface Tracking for Interactive Character Skinning
Rodolphe Vaillant, Gaël Guennebaud, Loïc Barthe, Brian Wyvill, Marie-Paule Cani [External Link]
Mar. 6, 2015.
Fast Grid-Based Nonlinear Elasticity for 2D Deformations
Rajsekhar Setaluri, Yu Wang, Nathan Mitchell, Ladislav Kavan, and Eftychios Sifakis [External Link]

Potential Papers to Read

Yarn-Level Simulation of Woven Cloth
Gabriel Cirio, Jorge Lopez-Moreno, David Miraut, Miguel A. Otaduy [External Link]
Convex and analytically-invertible dynamics with contacts and constraints: Theory and implementation in MuJoCo
Emanuel Todorov [External Link]
Facial Performance Enhancement Using Dynamic Shape-Space Analysis
Amit Bermano et al. [External Link]
Controllable High-Fidelity Facial Performance Transfer
Feng Xu et al. [External Link]
Projective Dynamics: Fusing Constraint Projections for Fast Simulation
Sofien Bouaziz et al. [External Link]