The Computer Science Department at UBC
Networks, Systems, and Security Lab (NSS)
Information for New Applicants

The lab has a broad range of research interests and has a large number of active projects. In addition to their own individual thesis work, graduate students frequently collaborate on large group projects. We place a strong emphasis on building real, useable systems and completing these systems to the point that they can be distributed as open-source software and shared with others.

Members of the lab actively contribute to open source projects such as Xen, Mercurial, and Mutt. Our published work is released as open source software, and often used as a starting point for both other research projects and real commercial systems.

Interested students should apply through the department's graduate application pages at

A number of things will make you stand out as an applicant to the lab, here are some of the things that we look for in reviewing applications:

Of course the usual expectations apply as well: excellent marks, clear written and oral presentation skills, and strong letters of reference are all critical.