Networked and distributed systems

We investigate new design principles in datacenter system design and operation.

  • Decibel: a system for storage sharing in disaggregation (NSDI 2017)
  • Disaggregated datacenters: fate sharing considerations and programmable fault tolerance (HotNets 2017)
  • NetSolver: virtual data center and NFV chain allocation (IJCAI 2017)
  • New data structures and algortihms to characterize storage workloads (OSDI 2014)


We develop systems to protect users' data and activities using a variety of approaches.

  • Shuffler: Fast and Deployable Continuous Code Re-Randomization. (OSDI 2016)
  • Theory and techniques for quantifying information flow (EuroS&P 2016)
  • Micasa: Preserving user data functionality after service end-of-life in hosted applications (SoCC 2013)


We use modern privacy-preserving methods to provide new guarantees to current system design paradigms.

Software engineering for systems

We research processes, techniques, and tools to help engineer complex systems.