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Finished Papers, Autumn 2006

  • Nov 29: Talk by Geoffrey Hinton:How to learn deep generative models. NB! This seminar will be held in X736.
  • Nov 22: Per-Erik: R. Unnikrishnan and M. Hebert Extracting Scale and Illuminant Invariant Regions through Colour. BMVC'06 [External link]
  • Nov 15: M.Sc. Presentation by Micheal Yurick: A Region-Based Filter for Video Segmentation.
  • Nov 8:David Meger: Talk with title Simultaneous Planning, Localisation and Mapping in a Camera Sensor Network, related paper: Ioannis Rekleitis, David Meger, and Gregory Dudek. Simultaneous Planning, Localisation and Mapping in a Camera Sensor Network RAS Journal [External link]
  • Nov 1: Hao Jiang: Talk with title Sucessive Convex Matching, related paper: Hao Jiang, Mark S. Drew and Ze-Nian Li. Successive Convex Matching for Action Detection. CVPR'06 [External link]
  • Oct 25: Scott Helmer: V. Ferrari, L. Fevrier, F. Jurie, and C. Schmid. Groups of Adjacent Contour Segments for Object Detection. Tech report 2006. [External link]
  • Oct 18: Kenji Okuma: A. Criminisi, G. Cross, A. Blake, V. Kolmogorov. Bilayer Segmentation of Live Video. CVPR'06
  • Oct 11: Mike Yurick and Mark Schmid: CRF Tutorial using S. Kumar and M. Hebert. Discriminative Fields for Modeling Spatial Dependencies in Natural Images, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, NIPS 16, 2004.
  • Oct 4: Pooja Viswanatan: A talk with the title: An Intelligent Powered Wheelchair to Enable Mobility in Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment.
  • Sept 27: Jim and Kevin M: John Winn, Jamie Shotton, The Layout Consistent Random Field for Recognizing and Segmenting Partially Occluded Objects. CVPR'06. This week we also had an account from David Lowe on a recent Object Class Recognition workshop in Sicily.
  • Sept 20: Per-Erik: Simon Leonard, Martin Jagersand, Incremental Learning for Mapping Image Variations to Actions. ICRA'05

Finished Papers, Spring 2006

A log of earlier papers can be found in the LCI Wiki (restricted access).

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