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1991 Papers

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  • James J. Little ??, Computational Architectures for Responsive Vision: the Vision Engine(Computer Architectures for Machine Perception 91)
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  • David G. Lowe, Real-time systems for tracking articulated three-dimensional objects. Invited paper, Proceedings of Vision Interface 91, pp. 42-48, Calgary, Alberta June 1991.
  • D. Poole, The effect of knowledge on belief: conditioning, specificity and the lottery paradox in default reasoning. Artificial Intelligence, 49, 281-307, 1991. Republished in R. J. Brachman, H. J. Levesque and R. Reiter (Eds.) Knowledge Representation, MIT Press, 1991. pdf
  • D. Poole, Compiling a default reasoning system into Prolog. New Generation Computing, 9(1), 3-38, 1991.
  • D. Poole and G. Provan, Use and Granularity in Consistency-based Diagnosis. Proc. Second International Workshop on the Principles of Diagnosis, pp. 1-10, Milan, October 1991.
  • D. Poole, Representing Diagnostic Knowledge for Probabilistic Horn Abduction. Proc. Twelfth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 1129-1135, Sydney, Australia, August 1991. Reprinted in W. Hamscher, L. Console and J. de Kleer (Eds.), Readings in Model-based Diagnosis, Morgan Kaufmann, 1992.
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  • R. Qi and D. Poole, Path Planning under Uncertainty. Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Uncertainty in AI, pp. 287-294, Los Angeles, July 1991.
  • Y. Xiang, B. Pant, A. Eisen, M.P.Beddoes, D. Poole, PAINULIM: A Neuromuscular Diagnostic Aid Using Multiply Sectioned Bayesian Networks. Proc. of the ISMM International Conference on Mini and Microcomputers in Medicine and Healthcare, pp. 64-69, Long Beach, CA, Dec. 1991.
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