Shama Rashid

A Visual Interface for Browsing and Summarizing Conversations

In collaboration with Dr. Giuseppe Carenini, Dr. Gabriel Murray, and Dr. Raymond Ng

In this talk we'll present a visual interactive interface to create focused summaries of human conversations. Our interface allows the user to explore these conversations and identify informative sentences by their association with nodes of interest on the visual representation of an ontology. The ontology includes nodes for the conversation participants, for Dialog Act (DA) properties such as decision, action-item or subjectivity, as well as for entities mentioned in the conversation. The classifiers used to annotate conversation data with DA properties and entities tags can be applied to any conversational modality including face to face meetings, emails, blogs and chats. The sentences selected by the user, by mapping to these ontology concepts, as potentially important component of the summary can then be used to derive a brief and focused overview of the conversation.

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