CRV 2012 ROS Workshop


Examples for ROS robotsROS (Robot Operating System) provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. It includes hardware abstraction, device drivers, libraries, visualizers, message-passing, package management, and more. ROS is licensed under an open source, BSD license. Recently, ROS has been increasing in popularity amongst the research robotics community, both inside Canada and around the world. ROS is being used for many of the world's most exciting and capable robots, such as the ones shown to the left. The developer community and support for using ROS with your robot now makes this an excellent choice for a large variety of research programs.

The ROS workshop at CRV 2012 will primarily include talks from a group of Canadian ROS experts who will describe the ways that they've benefited from working with ROS. The workshop will be "beginner friendly", in that no previous research or ROS experience is required. Several of the talks will include small hands-on components including the use of several Turtlebot platforms that we will have in the session. In order to follow the hands-on sections and have a good background to understand the topics discussed, those with no previous ROS experience are encouraged (not manditory) to install ROS for themselves before the meeting and start with the tutorials.

The remainder of this page describes the workshop information and essentials. For any additional information not listed here, please contact David Meger at dpmeger "at"


When: May 27, 2012: 1:30 until 5:30pm.
Building: Technology and Enhanced Learning (TEL) building. York campus map (our building is number 39 on pdf map).
Room: TEL0014.
Organized by: David Meger
Main conference affiliation: Ninth Conference on Computer Vision and Robot Vision (CRV 2012), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Final Workshop Schedule:

TimeNameAffiliationTalk Subject
2pmRyan GariepyCTO of Clearpath RoboticsIntroduction and overview to ROS, ROS @ Clearpath, Commercial and Research uses
2:30pmDavid MegerPhD Student @ UBCUsing ROS for contest robotics, the Curious George platform and object recognition within ROS
3pmJonathan GammellPhD Student @ University of TorontoUsing ROS on Field Robotic Experiments in Remote Locations
3:30pmFlorian ShkurtiPhD Student @ McGillROS for aquatic platforms, the Aqua robot, wrapping HRI functionality, surprise in visual navigation
4pmAmir HaddadiPost Doc @ UBCROS applied to robotic manipulator research, HRI hand-off tasks and Charlie the PR2 rides the elevator
4:30pmMarius MujaPhD Student @ UBCROS at Willow Garage, plug-detection, object recognition pipeline and PCL integration


AMMENDED: Since the focus of the workshop will be on presentations from experts, with only a small hands-on compoment, everyone should feel welcome to attend regardless of whether or not they have ROS installed for themselves. There is no pre-requisite for participation.