STRIPS to CSP converter

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dot Creating Problems:

To build a problem yourself make sure that you're in "Create" mode. To create nodes, click on the "Create Variable" button, then click on the "PreConditions" box to bring up a dialog box where you can specify all the variable information. Creating actions is similar. To create pre or post conditions click on the "Create Arc" button and draw arcs between a variable and action node. You can also load a ready made sample STRIPS problems from the many available. Just click on Load Sample STRIPS from the "File" menu and select one to load. Check the extended help if you're having problems, or if you don't understand what the terminology means.

dot Solving Problems:

When in "Solve" mode you can solve the STRIPS problem by any of the CSP based applets

  • Set the desired horizon length via the list next to the "Set Horizon" button.
  • Solve the STRIPS problem by clicking any of the "Solve by ..." buttons

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