Stochastic Local Search Based CSP Solver

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dot Creating Problems:

Building a problem yourself should be straightforward - just make sure that you're in "Create Mode". To create variables, click on the "Create Variable" button, then click on the white canvas to bring up a dialog box where you can specify all the variable information. Creating Constraints is just as easy. Check the extended help if you're having problems, or if you don't understand what all the terminology means.

dot Solving Problems:

Once you have acquired a CSP you want to solve, click the "Solve" tab above the main canvas to start solving.

First initialize the search by clicking on the "Initialize" button.

Then there are three ways to solve the CSPs:

  1. Select a variable by clicking on it, and change it's current value.
  2. Step through the search using the "Step" or "Fine Step" button, letting the program automatically pick a neighbour at each step.
  3. Let the program do all the work by clicking "Auto Solve".

You can adjust the speed of Auto Solve by selecting the desired checkbox under 'Auto Solve Speed' under the 'Hill Options' menu.

At any point during the search you can return to a previous assignment using the "Trace" window by pressing the "Step Back" button or by selecting a previous assignment in the Trace display and then pressing "Set CSP". You may also watch the progress of the search by pressing the show plot button.

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