Belief and Decision Networks

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dot Tutorial 1: Creating a New Graph

This tutorial gives information about how to create a new graph from scratch. You can skip this section if you only need to work with the ready-made graphs.

dot Tutorial 2: Loading a Preexisting Graph

This tutorial covers how to load one of the ready-made Bayesian Networks and gives a brief description of each of them.

dot Tutorial 3: Querying a Graph (part I)

The first tutorial on querying graphs provides instructions for how to make observations about nodes as well as perform rudimentary queries and monitor probabilities.

dot Tutorial 4: Querying a Graph (part II)

The second tutorial on querying graphs covers verbose query mode, and ways to select different variable elimination orderings.

dot Tutorial 5: Conditional Independence (Supplementary)

The Conditional Independence tutorial explains the Conditional Independence quiz and how to use it. This tutorial is not necessary to understand the basics of graph creation and querying, but the ideas presented here significantly affect query efficiency.

dot Tutorial 6: Decision Networks (Supplementary)

The Decision Network tutorial briefly covers the additional features of the applet when the advanced controls are enabled. It explains how to create different types of nodes and query a decision network.

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