Posting Paper/Thesis

  1. If your publication has as co-author an imager faculty, definitely include here. If it's a thesis done in imager include here. Anything else on which you are an author and there is some kind of link to Imager - including doing it as a course project in class taught by imager faculty, we encourage you to include here.It is kind of up to you whether you want to add here, if the publications on which you are co-author and have nothing to do with Imager,but we tend towards not including.
  2. Create a new directory with a unique and informative name in the right place, according to the year of publication:
  3. Copy all of the files you want to post into this directory and create an index.html page. At minimum, you should copy over the PDF, and the paper/thesis home page should have a link to that PDF, author(s), title, bibliographic info (i.e. where published). An example minimal paper page has only this information. The nicer thing to do is make a richer page that has things like an abstract, figure thumbnails linked to high-res images, talk slides, videos, and so on. The critical thing is to copy all content that you link to to this archival directory; don't just link to something under a home page that may vanish when the person in question leaves Imager.
  4. Video is an exception: since video files can be huge we have a special partition for those. We encourage you to link to videos from your paper pages, but copy the videos into this place in the filesystem: /ubc/cs/research/imager/project/video/year/newname, which will appear on the Web at
  5. Make sure the new directories and all the files in them have the proper permissions: world read and group write for files, and directories also need to be executable. Somebody else in Imager might need to modify this page later; that's why we want it to be group-writable. You can just cut and paste this string into the Unix command line to do the right thing recursively:
    cd newname
    find . -type f -exec chmod 664 \{\} \;
    find . -type d -exec chmod 775 \{\} \;
  6. Once you are ready to have your paper/thesis publicly listed, send mail to with the URL of the new paper page. We'll check that everything is working and then add a link to your project from the appropriate index. Eventually this step may involve an automatic script rather than human intervention.

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