PolyCube Based Automatic Hex-Mesh Generation (UBC)


Thank you for evaluating the PolyCut hex meshing technology suite from the University of British Columbia. We have prepared this technology demonstration so that you can evaluate our technology, both on a selection of input models that we have provided and on your own models.


The pipeline expects tetrahedral meshes in the Paraview VTU format. We provide two conversion options: NASTRAN and MEDIT .MESH format. Once you have converted your mesh, put it in a directory off of the root directory and call pipeline.bat:

mkdir mymesh
move mymesh.vtu mymesh
pipeline mymesh

We have provided a number of example meshes for you to experiment with. VTU models can be converted back to MEDIT .MESH format with the included vtu2mesh converter.

.mesh files can be viewed online with Hexalab

VTU files can be viewed with ParaView


We provide two parameters that you can adjust: compactness and element size.

The compactness parameter provides control over the structure-level complexity of the generated hexahedral mesh. A higher compactness parameter penalizes the creation of additional singularities, and attempts to keep the singularity count as low as possible. A lower compactness parameter creates more mesh singularities, but may be necessary for the best results. Low compactness is therefore more suitable for models with lots of small detailed parts; high compactness is more suitable for coarser, simpler models. By default, compactness is set to 3.

The element size parameter attempts to specify the minimum size of an element in the hex mesh. Larger sizes mean more coarse hex meshes, and vice versa. This can be specified in one of two fashions: relative size, which is specified as a percentage of the bounding box, and absolute size, which is specified as an integer value. By default, we attempt to find the smallest element size that will not collapse any features on the target hex mesh.

Both of these parameters may be adjusted in the pipeline scripts. (See, for instance, pipeline_hblock.bat which uses a compactness of 2.) Element size may be adjusted by passing --percentage as a parameter to both cusy and integerizer for relative sizing, or --size as an absolute percentage. Note that the integerizer will not let you choose a size that will destroy an element.



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