Permission to Use Our Images

We (the authors) give permission to our images for use in non-commercial, scientific research. If used, please cite our paper.

C. Lau, W. Heidrich, R. Mantiuk. 2011. "Cluster-Based Color Space Optimizations." In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision.

The following three images are ours. Click to access the full resolution image or multispectral data.

RGB near-infrared output

RGB with blue filter output

RGB output

Other Images and Their Sources

The images other than the three above come from different sources, and permission to use them should be obtained from their sources.

M. Fairchild, G. Johnson. "METACOW: A Public-Domain, High Resolution, Fully Digital, Noise-Free, Metameric, Extended-Dynamic-Range, Spectral Test Target for Imaging System Analysis and Simulation."

Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Ltd. (UK). The Ski image came from the CIE Images for Gamut Mapping Testing page here:

Kodak PhotoCD PCD0992.

A.A. Gooch, S.C. Olsen, J. Tumblin, B. Gooch. 2005. "Color2Gray: Salience-Preserving Color Removal." ACM Trans. Graph, 24, 3, 634-639.

Justin Manteuffel. I got the TreeStump image pair (RGB image and depth map) from Justin and emailed him for permission to use them. His webpage says: "This photo may be used for practice purposes only. No commercial or distribution use is permitted." [RGB image] [depth map]

K. Rasche, R. Geist, J. Westall. 2005. "Re-coloring Images for Gamuts of Lower Dimension." Computer Graphics Forum/Eurographics, 24, 3, 423-432.

Paul Trepanier. I got the Grass image from Paul and emailed him for permission to use it. Paul retains all rights to the image.

Wikipedia. Color perception test.

Yahoo! Maps/NAVTEQ/DigitalGlobe. Fill out form here: Email (I got the Map image from Amy Gooch, but she got it from Yahoo! Maps.)

F. Yasuma, T. Mitsunaga, D. Iso, S.K. Nayar. 2008. "Generalized Assorted Pixel Camera: Post-Capture Control of Resolution, Dynamic Range and Spectrum." Tech. Rep. CUCS-061-08, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. Webpage for Columbia Multispectral Image Database:

X.P. Zhang, T. Sim, X.P. Miao. 2008. "Enhancing Photographs with Near Infrared Images." IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.