Evolving Sub-Grid Turbulence for Smoke Animation

Hagit Schechter and Robert Bridson
The University of British Columbia

Rising Smoke
Evolved Turbulence
Method Illustration


We introduce a simple turbulence model for smoke animation, qualitatively capturing the transport, diffusion, and spectral cascade of turbulent energy unresolved on a typical simulation grid. We track the mean kinetic energy per octave of turbulence in each grid cell, and a novel "net rotation" variable for modeling the self-advection of turbulent eddies. These additions to a standard fluid solver drive a procedural post-process, layering plausible dynamically evolving turbulent details on top of the large-scale simulated motion. Finally, to make the most of the simulation grid before jumping to procedural sub-grid models, we propose a new multistep predictor to alleviate the nonphysical dissipation of angular momentum in standard graphics fluid solvers.


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