AMoRe Meetings

These meetings are for holding talks and to discuss current papers in the areas of Animation, Modeling and Rendering. The meeting consists of a technical presentation in the first half of the meeting and then a discussion of a particular paper led by a host in the second half. The meetings are held in X 736 (meeting room) on Mondays, at 3:00PM-4:00PM. Everyone is welcome.

Links to list of online-available papers for the following conferences:
SIGGRAPH 2005 - Graphics Interface 2005 - Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2005 - Eurographics 2005 - Graphics Hardware 2005 - Symposium on Computer Animation 2005 - ACM Symposium on Geometry Processing 2005 - ACM Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization 2005 - Shape Modeling International 2005

For applying as volunteer or for any other paper suggestion, please contact Abhijeet Ghosh.

The schedule of hosts and papers of interest (links to papers are for local UBC access only) is as follows:

Date Technical Presentation Host
Discussion Paper

Mon Aug. 29th

David White
As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation
Takeo Igarashi, Tomer Moscovich, John F. Hughes

ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon Aug. 22nd

Towards Adaptive Rendering of Smooth Primitives in GPUs
- Jennifer Fung
   MSc thesis presentation
Wolfgang Heidrich
A Frequency analysis of Light Transport
Frdo Durand, Nicolas Holzschuch, Cyril Soler, Eric Chan & Francois Sillion

ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon Aug. 15th

Animating Sand as a Fluid
- Yongning Zhu
   MSc theisis presentation

Mon July 25th

Animating Sand as a Fluid
- Yongning Zhu (SIGGRAPH Paper practice talk)

Real Toys from Virtual Models
- Dan Julius (SIGGRAPH Sketch practice talk)

Mon July 17th

Tamy Boubekeur
Efficiently Combining Positions and Normals for Precise 3D Geometry
Diego Nehab, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, James Davis, Ravi Ramamoorthi

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon July 11th

Point--Based Level Sets and Progress Towards Unorganised Particle Based Fluids
 - Richard Corbett
   MSc thesis presentation

Mon June 13th

Visualization of Point-Based Surfaces with Locally Reconstructed
Subdivision Surfaces
- Tamy Boubekeur, SMI 2005 practice talk

Volume Rendering for High Dynamic Range Displays
- Abhijeet Ghosh, VG 05 practice talk
Vladislav Kraevoy SCAPE: Shape Completion and Animation of People
Dragomir Anguelov, Praveen Srinivasan, Daphne Koller, Sebastian Thrun, Jim Rodgers, James Davis

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon June 6th

Computational Photography
- Wolfgang Heidrich & Matthew Trentacoste

Mon May 30th

TopoLayout:  Graph Layout by Topological Features
- Daniel Archambault
Chen Yang
Automatic Photo Pop-up
Derek Hoiem, Alexei Efros, Martial Hebert

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon May 16th

Tyson Brochu
A Vortex Particle Method for Smoke, Fire, and Explosions
Andrew Selle, Nick Rasmussen and Ron Fedkiw

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon May 9th


Abhijeet Ghosh

Dual Photography
Pradeep Sen, Billy Chen, Gaurav Garg, Steve Marschner, Mark Horowitz, Marc Levoy, Hendrik P. A. Lensch

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon May 2nd

Practical Intellectual Property Management for Students & Faculty
- Helge Seetzen

Mon Apr. 25th

Albert Wong
An Approximate Image-Space Approach for Interactive Refraction
Chris Wyman

accepted to ACM Siggraph 2005

Mon Apr. 18th

Tiberiu Popa
Curvature Maps For Local Shape Comparison
Timothy Gatzke, Cindy Grimm, Michael Garland and Steve Zelinka

to appear in Shape Modeling Internaitonal 2005

Mon Apr. 11th

Synthesis of Controllers for Stylized Planar Bipedal Walking
- Dana Sharon (ICRA 05 practice talk)

Mon Apr. 4th

Partitioned Rendering Infrastructure for Stable Accordion Navigation
- James Slack (M.Sc. thesis presentation)

Mon Mar. 21st

Matthew Trentacoste
A Novel Hemispherical Basis for Accurate and Efficient Rendering
P. Gautron, J. Krivanek, S. Pattanaik, K. Bouatouch

Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004

Mon Mar. 14th

Robert Bridson
Modeling and Editing Flows Using Advected Radial Basis Functions.
Pighin, F.P., Cohen, J., Shah, M.

Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2004 (Grenoble, France, August 2004).

Mon Mar. 7th

- Vladislav Kraevoy

- Alla Sheffer

- Vladislav Kraevoy


Mon Feb. 28th

- Dan Julius
Michiel Van de Panne
Sketching garments for virtual characters
Emmanuel Turquin, Marie-Paule Cani, John Hughes

Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling - august 2004

Mon Feb. 21st

 - James Slack

- Jennifer Fung

- Abhijeet Ghosh

- Abhijeet Ghosh


Mon Feb. 7th

- Chen Yang

- Yongning Zhu

 - Richard Corbett

 - Wolfgang Heidrich


Tue Oct.

Valdislav Kraevoy
Jianhua Wu, Leif Kobbelt

Eurographics 2004 (Best Student Paper Award)

Tue Sept.

Yongning Zhu

Simulating Water and Smoke with an Octree Data Structure
Frank Losasso, Frédéric Gibou, Ron Fedkiw


Tue Sept.

Abhijeet Ghosh
Eyes for Relighting
Ko Nishino, Shree K. Nayar

Fri Sept.
Organizational meeting
Matthew Trentacoste
Understanding the Efficiency of GPU Algorithms for Matrix-Matrix Multiplication.
Kayvon Fatahalian, Jeremy Sugerman, Pat Hanrahan

Graphics Hardware 2004
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