Previous Imager Technical Meetings

AMoRe Paper Discussion Group

These meetings are to discuss current papers in areas of Modelling, Rendering and Animation. The meeting consists of a discussion of a particular paper led by a host.
Date Host Discussion Paper
November 29th Fred Kimberley Deferred, Self-Organizing BSP Trees
Eurographics 2002
Sigal Ar, Gil Montag, and Ayellet Tal
November 22nd Xavier Granier Using Perceptual Texture Masking for Efficient Image Synthesis
Eurographics 2002
Bruce Walter, Sumanta N. Pattanaik and Donald P. Greenberg
November 15th Matthew Thorne Geometric Approximations Towards Free Specular Comic Shading
Eurographics 2002
Holger Winnemoller, Shaun Bangay
November 8th Uri Ascher Real-time Animation of Dressed Virtual Humans
Eurographics 2002
Frederic Cordier, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
November 1st John Lloyd Fast Continuous Collision Detection between Rigid Bodies
Eurographics 2002
S. Redon, A. Kheddar and S. Coquillart
October 15th Xavier Granier Overview of Pacific Graphics 2002
The program of these conference is available here
October 18th Michiel van de Panne Free-form sketching with variational implicit surfaces
Eurographics 2002
Olga Karpenko, John F. Hughes, Ramesh Raskar
October 11th Michiel van de Panne Local Physical Models for Interactive Character Animation
Eurographics 2002
Sageev Oore, Demetri Terzopoulos, Geoffrey Hinton
October 4th Hendrik Kueck Space-Optimized Texture Maps
Eurographics 2002
Laurent Balmelli,Gabriel Taubin,Fausto Bernardini
September 27th Xavier Granier Practice talk: A Simple Layered RGB BRDF Model
May 24th Someone Perspective Shadow Maps (Stamminger and Drettakis, SIGGRAPH 2002) and Sylization and Abstraction of Photographs (DeCarlo and Santella, SIGGRAPH 2002) see also Abstracted Painterly Renderings Using Eye-Tracking Data (Santella and DeCarlo, NPAR 2002)
May 17th Xavier Granier Stable, but Responsive Cloth (Choi and Ko, SIGGRAPH 2002)
May 12th David Pritchard Robust Treatment of Collisions, Contact and Friction for Cloth Animation (Bridson et al., SIGGRAPH 2002)
May 5th Wolfgang Ray Tracing On Programmable Graphics Hardware at SIGGRAPH 2002
April 26th Cancelled Torsten Moeller Visit
April 19th Dave Knott Shader-Driven Compilation of Rendering Assests
April 12th Lisa Streit Realtime Fur by Lengyel et al. at Interactive Symposium on 3D Graphics - extra Lengyel et al. at Euro RW 2000
April 5th Jason Harrison Dynamic motion control technique... (Oshita et al., Eurographics 2001)
March 29th Cancelled - Good Friday
March 22nd Xavier Granier Flexible image-based photometric reconstruction (Gibson et al., Eurographics 2001)
March 15th Cancelled - Demos for Ken Perlin
March 1st Andrew Nealen Real-time high dynamic range texture mapping (Cohen et al., Rendering Workshop 2001)
February 22th Cancelled Skiing Week
February 15th Cancelled Imager Open House
Feurary 8th Yushuang Liu Interactive stereoscopic display by Kitamara et al. at SIGGRAPH 2001
February 1st Michiel van de Panne Shape by example (Sloan et al., Interactive Symposium on 3D Graphics 2001)
January 25th Wolfgang Heidrich A low cost 3D scanner based on structured light (Rocchini et al., Eurographics 2001)