WILDE - this quaint resort town has been devastated by an avalanche which occurred last night. Homes have been destroyed, roads are blocked and communication systems are disrupted. But the worst is not over. Experts predict that a second avalanche will occur on any one of the ten mountains surrounding the town.

Fear not, folks, for Wilde's Disaster Response Team is here to save the day! The mayor, scientist, librarian, and ski patrol warden have agreed to pool their resources, though they're in different corners of the town. Can our heroes find each other, rescue some lost skiers, and prevent an avalanche in time?

The Librarian
As the Librarian, you have access to the electronic atlas containing contour maps of all ten mountains. You have a lot on your mind most days, but this coming weekend promises to be chaotic. Through Dean, your assistant at the library, you receive catalogued information via your battery powered laptop. You never know what might be useful.
The Mayor
The coming election is a major concern for you, the Mayor... your popularity is sagging in the polls, and your Chief Aide, Al, is constantly trying to bolster your public appearance. The town needs a leader that they can look to in times of strife. What's more, you're the only one in the town who has the town map... once you track down the police officer. And you're responsible for keeping the relief effort within the town's budget.
The Ski Patrol Warden
The Ski Patrol Warden... windswept and interesting, you know the mountains best and it is your responsibility to guide the other players through them. Jessica, your apprentice, is always there for you. But your thoughts are elsewhere at the moment. Rumour has it that you're in love.
The Scientist
Hurray for Science! As the Scientist, your devotion to the scientific method, and your years of training make you ideally suited for the analysis of weather and mountain data that will be required. Your Graduate Student, Gretchen, works with you in the lab and is an invaluable research assistant.
Default Scientist
Please see above.

Non-Playing Characters
The Police Chief
The Police Chief has a copy of the updated town map, but only the Mayor is allowed to ask for it.
The Historian
The Historian has compiled a list of mountains that have not been avalanche threats in the past 75 years. From the list, the Historian can rule out some of the local mountains as threats for the librarian.

The Development Team

James Dai
Cristina Green
Dustin Lang
Michael Wu

The Current State of the Game

A pilot study is currently in progress at University Hill Elementary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, to the delight of Carolyn Varah's fifth grade class. The game currently has 24637 lines of code and is developed on a Windows NT machine, a Windows '95 machine, a slow Macintosh, and a Linux system. The structure of the program itself is going through major revisions. We hope that we will have a version ready to be played over the Web so that we can test this multi-player game remotely. Developers, testers, and chip runners are not responsible for any disasters (real or imagined) that might occur as a result of using the game's avalanche prevention tactics in real life.