Data Management and Mining Lab, Computer Science Dept., UBC

What is SNRG?

SNRG is a reading group that holds weekly meetings to discuss interesting papers and problems, generally related to social networks. Feel free to attend meetings and participate in discussions. All ideas about problems, papers, talks, etc. are welcome. Meetings usually start with stating an interesting problem without getting into possible solutions, and then following up possible approaches to previously stated problems. An informal talk by a volunteer follows, and attendants discuss about the paper(s) as the speaker proceeds. Finally, possible applications of and extensions to the approach are discussed.

When, where, and how?

Currently, in the second Winter term of 2014/2015, meetings are held on Wednesday 3:00-4:30 pm in ICICS 304 .
You can also subscribe to our mailing list to get latest news and announcements. Please send an email to containing "subscribe sn-rg" in its body, and then follow the instructions.

SNRG talks

List of previous and upcoming talks:

Date Speaker Title or Paper Name
Jan 14 Sampoorna Liang Tang et al., "Automatic Ad Format Selection via Contextual Bandits", CIKM 2013
Jan 21 Glenn Yuval Filmus et al., "The Power of Local Search: Maximum Coverage over a Matroid", STACS 2012
Jan 28 Sampoorna and Sharan Guy Bresler et al., "A Latent Source Model for Online Collaborative Filtering", NIPS 2014
Feb 4 Wei Wei Lu et al., "Optimal Recommendations under Attraction, Aversion, and Social Influence", KDD 2014
Feb 11 Xin Xin Huang et al., "Querying K-Truss Community in Large and Dynamic Graphs", SIGMOD 2014
Feb 18 Cigdem Erik D. Demaine et al., "How to Influence People with Partial Incentives", WWW 2014
Feb 25 Yidan Aristides Gionis et al., "Customized Tour Recommendations in Urban Areas", WSDM 2014.
March 4 James Andrew Begel et al., "Analyze This! 145 Questions for Data Scientists in Software Engineering", ICSE 2014.
March 11 Sharan Sharan Vaswani et al., "Influence Maximization with Bandits".
March 18 Glenn Nan Du et al., "Influence Function Learning in Information Diffusion Networks", ICML 2014.
March 25 (no meeting)
April 1 Sharan Bruno Ribeiro et al., "Beyond Models: Forecasting Complex Network Processes Directly from Data", WWW 2015.
April 8 Xin Maria-Florina Balcan et al., "Finding Endogenously Formed Communities", SODA 2013.
April 15 Cigdem Yaron Singer, "Budget Feasible Mechanisms", FOCS 2010.
April 22 Cigdem Yaron Singer, "How to win friends and influence people, truthfully: influence maximization mechanisms for social networks", WSDM 2012.
April 29 (no meeting)