Recent Projects
   Allison's Project's Name
(Allison Tai)
Archived Projects
   The role of pre-mRNA secondary structure in gene splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(Sanja Rogic)
   Improving Thermodynamic Models for RNA Secondary Structure Formation
(Mirela Andronescu, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   The Role of Pre-mRNA Secondary Structure in Splicing
(Sanja Rogic, Alan Mackworth, Holger Hoos, Francis Ouellett)
   RNA Secondary Structure Design Problem
(Rosalia Aguirre-Hernandez, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   Possibly Prediction or Classification of Genomic Islands
(Viann Chan, Anne Condon)
   Geometric Facility Location for Mobile Clients
(Stephane Durocher, David Kirkpatrick )
   RNA Secondary Structure Motif Discovery
(Sohrab Shah, Anne Condon)
   Variable Neighbourhood Search for Multi-Objective Clustering Problems
(Igor Naverniouk, Holger Hoos)
   Linear Time Algorithm for Parsing RNA Secondary Structure
(Baharak Rastegari, Anne Condon)
   Optimal Rectilinear Drawings of Complete Graphs
(Alex Brodsky, Stephane Durocher, Ellen Gethner)
   DNA Word Design
(Dan Tulpan, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   Algorithms for Testing that DNA Word Designs Avoid Unwanted Secondary Structure
(Yinglei Zhao, Barry Cohen, Steven Skiena, Danielle Dees, Laura Slaybaugh, Anne Condon)
   RNA Secondary Structure Prediction including Pseudoknots
(Jihong Ren, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   RNA Secondary Structure Design
(Mirela Andronescu, Anthony Fejes, Firas Hamze, Frank Hutter, Holger Hoos, Anne Condon)
   Ant Colony Optimisation for Protein Folding Problems
(Alena Shmygelska, Holger Hoos)
   Phylogenetic Classification of Organisms Based on Sequence Tags
(Christina Chen, Michael Huggett, Andrew Kwon, Steve Oldrige, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   Dynamic Local Search Algorithms for SAT
(Dave Tompkins, Holger Hoos)
   Stochastic Local Search Algorithms for MAX-SAT
(Kevin Smyth, Holger Hoos)
   Stochastic Search Approaches to the Multiprocessor Total Tardiness Scheduling
(Michael Pavlin, Holger Hoos, Thomas Stützle; completed August 2002)
   Inverse RNA Folding
(Arwen Brenneman, Nick Deibel, Anne Condon, Holger Hoos)
   Computational Gene Finding
(Sanja Rogic, Alan Mackworth, Francis Oullette; completed August 2000 - this work was supported by the Laboratory for Computional Intelligence)