CPSC 536H - Assignment 2

released Tue, 10/01/12, 15:00; due Thu, 10/01/14, 9:00(am)

Read the paper "Presenting Data from Experiments in Algorithmics" by Peter Sanders, and answer the following questions as clearly and concisely as possible:

1. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of showing empirical results in tables rather than in graphs?

2. Which kind of function shows up as a straight line in a double logarithmic plot and why is this useful to know?

3. What is the "principle of data-ink maximisation" and how can it guide us in producing more readable plots?

The following question is not for credit, i.e., feel free to skip it if you don't have time:

Is there anything in Sander's paper that you disagree with? If so, briefly explain your concerns. If not, which part did you find most useful (if any)?

General remarks: