CPSC 532D - Stochastic Search Algorithms (Spring 2003)

Course Outline (subject to minor adjustments)

Part 1: Foundations and Basics

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: "Simple" SLS Algorithms

Module 3: Hybrid SLS Algorithms

Module 4: Population-based SLS Algorithms

Module 5: Generalised Local Search Machines

Module 6: Empirical Analysis of Stochastic Search Algorithms

Module 7: Search Space Analysis

Part 2: Applications

Module 8: SAT and Constraint Satisfaction

Module 9: MaxSAT and MaxCSP

Module 10: The Travelling Salesperson Problem

Module 11: Scheduling Problems

Module 12: Other Combinatorial Problems

Additional Topics (time permitting)

Each module will take about one week. Modules consist of lectures and discussions.

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