Subject: Monte Carlo
Presenter: Alena Shmygelska
Paper: Perm: A Monte Carlo Strategy For Simulating Polymers
  by P Grassbeger, H Frauenkron, and W Nadler
  The Ant System: Optimization by a colony of cooperating agents
  by M Dorigo, V Maniezzo, and A Colorni
Abstract A Monte Carlo method for Protein Folding

In my talk, I will present Monte Carlo method - Pruned Enriched Method by Grassberger et al., it is based on sequential importance sampling.

1. Pruned Enriched Rosenblatt Method: I will introduce sequential importance sampling, talk about it in relation to protein (polymers in general) folding.

2. Ant Colony Introduction Paper: Introduce Ant Colony Optimization Approach, talk about similarities and differences between two algorithms.

P. Grassberger, H. Frauenkron, and W. Nadler. PERM: a Monte Carlo Strategy for Simulating Polymers and Other Things. in Monte Carlo Approach to Biopolymers and Protein Folding, eds. P. Grassberger et al. (World Scientific, Singapore, 1998).

M. Dorigo, V. Maniezzo, and A. Colorni. (1996). The Ant System: Optimization by a colony of cooperating agents. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part B. 26(1):1-13.

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