Subject: Branching in DNA computing
Presenter: Vera Bespamiatnykh
Abstract Branching in DNA computing

The 20th century has seen a lot of change especially in the fields of science and technology. By the 21st century people have not only leaned to see rapidly escalating changes in their everyday world, they have learned to live by the principle of Gestalt. This is what the Summer School Beyond Silicon Valley program at the California Institute of Technology was about, incorporating Gestalt principle into the minds of the future scientists. I would like to share with you this overwhelming experience. Conventional fields such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics were taken and have been integrated with the Computer Science. I will mostly talk about the project that my group and I have explored: "Branching in DNA computing". This will include a little bit of everything from computer architecture design to patient diagnosis and SAT problems being solved using the double helix. In the end, I hope you find it interesting and perhaps even intriguing.