Title: MultiRNAFolder Interface: an attempt for diverse RNA secondary structure representation and user friendly bioinformatics software
Speaker: Ke Miao
Abstract RNA secondary structure representation has persistently been of interest to bioinformatics researchers. Currently a few representation formats are recognized in this field, for instance RNAML, .ct, .xrna, gml, and various graphical representations. Although much study has been done, many approaches have been made, most pieces of software present only support one or two of the above mentioned formats. On the other hand, bioinformatics software serves people of professional specialty but not of computer science proficiency. Therefore it is always preferable to have the software versatile and convenient to use.

In this work, by showing an interface wrapping around the already existing MultiRNAFolder software package, supporting various representation formats, I present algorithms for RNA secondary structure format conversion, which involves manipulation of stacks, vectors and other data structures; procedures of communicating between different pieces of software, which includes library usage and system calls; methods of representing graphical user interface in C++ under the Linux operating system; and Interpretation of the Qt framework structure; The general ideas for designing the graphical user interface will also be mentioned.