Title: Nucleic Acids, Nanoparticles and Enzyme Chemistry at Surfaces: From DNA Nanoscience to Ultrasensitive Biosensing.
Speaker: Robert M. Corn, Chemistry Department, University of California, Irvine
Abstract The fabrication of nanoscale DNA and RNA structures at surfaces has become an invaluable biomaterials methodology for both biotechnological and non-biotechnological applications. Even greater functionality can be created by both the manipulation of the nucleic acids with surface enzymatic transformations and the incorporation of nucleic acid-coated gold nanoparticles into these interfaces. I will describe our recent efforts to create nanoparticle-enhanced nucleic acid microarray biosensor processes for the ultrasensitive, multiplexed detection of surface bioaffinity interactions, with specific applications to genomic DNA detection, SNP genotyping, micro RNA profiling, and the use of RNA aptamer arrays for proteomics.