Subject: Common Evidence Network Project
Presenter: Alison Meynert
Abstract Common Evidence Network Project

The Genomic Mutational Signatures (GeMS) project in the Ouellette lab at UBiC is investigating genes with both potential and proven links to neurodegenerative disorders. There are 9 genes associated with diseases such as Huntington's and spino-cerebellar ataxias that share a characteristic pattern of repeat expansion (i.e. a mutational signature). The GeMS project has identified 56 additional human genes with the potential to mutate in this way, and is screening patients who test negatively for repeat expansions in the 9 known disease genes for repeat expansions in these 56 candidates. My project is to mine the medical literature for abstracts mentioning any of the total 65 genes and build a network of connecting evidence. We call this a "common evidence network." In this talk I will describe some of the relevant biology, flesh out the definition of a common evidence network, discuss our approach to the problem, present my current results, and talk about future work.