May 2005

Ph.D. Thesis

  1. Brodsky, Dmitry David, Policy Driven Replication
  2. Cubranic, Davor, Project history as a group memory: Learning from the past
  3. Po, Barry Alan, A Representational Basis for Human-Computer Interaction

M.Sc. Thesis

  1. Alton, Kenneth, Shaping and Policy Search for Nearest-Neighbour Control Policies with Applications to Vehicle Steering
  2. Chang, Le, Generalized Constraint-Baed Inference
  3. Davies, Alison Rhian, The Ethnographically Informed Participatory Design of a PDA Application to Support Communication
  4. Zhong, Lin, Photometric Stereo vis Locality Sensitive High-Dimension Hashing
  5. Naverniouk, Igor, Multiobjective Graph Clustering with Variable Neighbourhood Descent
  6. Shah, Sohrab, Detecting common secondary structure elements in RNA sequences
  7. Skrypnyk (Gordon), Iryna, Augmenting Reality, Naturally
  8. Slack, James Gerald, Partitioned Rendering Infrastructure for Stable Accordion Navigation
  9. Zhao, Zheng (Jessica), Query Answering Using Views for XML

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